Monday, April 9, 2012

April Package Pen-Pal

 Friday I received something in the mail~it was my April Package Pen Pal
Here are all the goodies that were sent to me:
 My PPP was Jamie
She sent me some pretty awesome stuff! We have some Nut crisps, a necklace, earrings, salad dressing, gum, some seasoning packs, some twilight woods body spray and lotion from bath & body works (which is my favorite) and lastly was my mostfavorite thing of all~the cup with my name on one side and the other said has I am made for MORE! I am made for VICTORY!

If you would like to take part in PPP for next month, just let Jamie know.

This is how it works: You would basically take a few items ($15 limit) a month that you are using or have found that are awesome and you have enjoyed and send them to your P.P.P. Of course, they would all need to be on the healthy side and something that you have tried. You could also include products such as bath, beauty, aroma,etc that you have truly enjoyed and that are good for you. You could send them a note with encouraging words or scripture or maybe even a great book that you have read that encouraged you.
This is something for us to be creative with this and have fun with!

You can also check out Jamie's facebook page That picture is what you really look like to follow her on her journey..I must say she is pretty awesome!

For those who are regulars to my blog know that any ordinary Sunday/Monday I'd be posting updates on my weigh in..but this week is a little different~I haven't weighed this week yet! I'm just in this funk..I'm not sure if I would classify it as depressed..but I just feel really overwhelmed with everything going on right now. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday so hopefully I will have some answers! I'm ready to be back to the way I was just 2 weeks ago~ready and eager to take on the world, staying within my calorie range, and exercising!

This afternoon, after getting home from work and just feeling exhausted..I went to status shuffle on facebook (something I do every now and then to see if they have anything that fits my mood) I clicked on christian encouragement..and this was the very first thing that popped up & it's exactly what I needed!
God can overcome all your problems, the only thing you have to do is stop 5 minutes, take a deep breath and PRAY!

I heard this song in the car on the way home~felt like it was meant for me to be in the car at that moment bc it was what I needed to hear.

~Thought for the day~

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