Here are all of my goals and rewards~followed by the date that I reached that goal :)
  • -10 pounds (222): Pedi~3/26/12
  • -20 pounds (212): Massage~I can't remember the last time I had one..so can't wait for this one
  • -30 pounds (202): Day out with my best friend
  • -40 pounds (192): New Bathing suit (need to get it going~Vacation is in July)
  • -50 pounds (182): Weekend with my wonderful husband~I recently purchased tickets to Red Hot Chili Peppers for him for his birthday which is in October and we plan on making a weekend out of it...so I have 7  months to lose my 50 pounds..I can do this~right??
  • -60 pounds (172): New clothes and shoes...now I know through out this journey I will have to buy new clothes..a pair of pants here and a shirt there..but I'm not going to get alot of one size, because I'm not planning on staying there for long...BUT by the time I reach 60 pounds I will be close enough to my goal weight..so I'll start working on my new wardrobe at this time
  • -70 pounds (162): Trip to Disney World or a new purse...and by "new purse" I mean a Coach or a Hobo...I love purses and NEVER splurge on getting one for myself.... I actually received my first EVER coach handbag and wallet this past Christmas as a gift and I love it...but when I make it to losing 70 pounds, I will get ME another one :)
  • -72 pounds (160~GOAL): A smart phone!! Yea, I'm still sporting the stone age stuff

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