Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cherry on Top award

As I mentioned yesterday, Midori at gave me a blog award.

Thanks so much Midori..

As with most of these wonderful awards, there are some guidelines to follow:

Thank the person(s) that gave you the award

Answer the question: If you had one chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
My Answer: Nope I would not change anything about my life! (except my weight, lol)

Pick 6 people and give them this award ~ Don't forget to inform the person that they have been selected for the award.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally made it back...

It's hard to believe that my last blog was over a month ago! Life has been good but CRAZY! But weight loss on the other hand is another story all together!

But before I get too into it, I want to say a special thank you to Midori Mighty Warrior at for giving the Cherry on Top Award.
As with every award, there are some rules that you have to follow which I will get to tomorrow but just wanted to say thanks to Midori!

Now to get back to my story, My diet/change of life stuff has not been going well at all. I feel like a failure. I do good for a couple of days then get frustrated and go back to my old habits. Every Sunday I say I'm going to start my diet tomorrow..and tomorrow never comes.

So I decided that I'm not going to diet anymore--I'm just going to stay fat. Why not? My husband loves me, my kids love me, and my family all love me the way that I am so why change??

But do I love myself?

That's a hard question to answer. Do I love myself? As I keep asking myself this question over and over again, I'm not real sure that I do. After all, what is there for me to love about me? I'm over 100 pounds over weight! Maybe this is party of my problem that I need to work on.

So then I thought..what's the reason for losing weight and here is what I cam up with.
Reasons to NOT lose the weight:
1. Scared of failure
2. Uncomfortable working out in public

Reasons TO lose the weight:
1. To be able to be active with my family
2. To have energy
3. To live long
4. To have confidence
5. To feel that I'm not just a fat girl
6. To not have to shop in plus size stores

The list goes on and on but it's getting late and I need to get to bed. I just with there was a fools proof guide to losing weight! I have never felt so overwhelmed and discouraged! I want this weight to come off so badly but just don't know how to get myself motivated and stay motivated.

Six years ago my daddy decided to have back surgery from an injury that he got at work and a week after his surgery he developed a blood clot and passed daddy was 49 years old (2 weeks shy of being 50), which is young, too young to be taken from your family. In SO many ways I want to be like my daddy. I want to have his loving & kind words, his warm hugs, his contiguous laughs, his passion for his faith. I think that I am like him in one way-we were the world to my daddy--and my family is my world. But I don't want it all to be taken from me at such a young age..

That's why I need to do this, I just don't know how. I usually have a plan but have no plan as of right now.

My weight today is 254 pounds. My goal is to lose at least 2 pounds this week. And hopefully one day this week I'll get Nick to measure me so I can update my measurements.

Until next time...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weight Is Going Down :)

I am up pretty late tonight partly because I took a 3 hour nap with Corbin earlier, lol. After all the yard work today I was pooped out.

I’m going to keep this post short and simple because I need to do some laundry while Corbin is asleep but I wanted to check in. I’ve lost 5 pounds since Wednesday (think it was mostly fluid) but I’ll take the weight loss anyway that it comes.

I’ll try and check in tomorrow or one day during the week if I have a min.

Until next time…

Friday, September 3, 2010

HELLO Weekend!

Hope everyone has had a great week. I did. But I sure am glad it is over. It has been pretty hectic.

Colby started football this week. It’s only flag football but that’s fine with me because it gets him away from computer and video games a few hours a week. I’m super excited that he decided to play because for SO many years (he’s only nine but since he was 4 or 5) he has always said he didn’t want to play football so this year when he told me he wanted to give flag football a try, I was like YES!!

As far as being back on track I am going strong so far. It’s just my 3rd day back in it but I think I know what I need to do now. Just not think of it as a diet, because after all its changing the way I eat that I need to work on. So I’ve been making every effort to eat breakfast, for lunch I'll have a sandwich (with pickles and tomatoes) and whatever I cook for supper I just eat a small amount of instead of grilling me a piece of chicken and having that with a salad (because that was getting kind of old).

Today though, the girls in the office and I went ate at a local Italian restaurant which I was really nervous about because that is my weak spot but I kept my self under control. I did have the urges to splurge though..I’m not going to lie but I over came it because I have got to do this!!

Final note for today is that I need to thank Joanna over at for giving me a blogging award. A couple of months ago I receive my very first award and thought for sure it would be the last but I’m super excited to have been given another one! (I apologize ahead of time because I’m not real good at doing the html things and putting the person’s name insead of the whole blog address.)

With blogging award comes a few rules so here they are:


#1 - Post who gave you this award. Thanks so much Joanna from award. She is a fellow weight loss blogger and is always leaving me encouraging comments, which I really appreciate!

#2 - Name 10 things you like:
1. Spending time with little family,
2. getting massages
3. crawfish
4. Blogging
5. Facebook (especially Farmville when I have time, lol)
6. Walking
7. Going to the movies
8. Shopping
9. choclate
10. Winter

#3 - Give this award to 10 other people and notify them with a comment.

These are all blogs that I follow regularly and suggest if you have a minute to go by and check them out. And just one more thanks to Joanna!!
And just one more thing...sorry for not knowing how to edit the html, maybe one of these days I'll understand. :)
Hope everyone has a good weekend and I'll be checking in Sunday!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scale is UPPPP!

I for some reason haven’t been in the mood to blog. Partly because I am so ashamed that I have not been staying on track. I’ve been splurging like there is no tomorrow. But I need to get back on track and get back to blogging because like I have said many times before, it really helps me to stay focused.

August the 18th was the last time that I weighed in. My weight was 243. I had lost the 5 pounds that I had gained so I was floating on cloud 9!

Then came the BBQ.. I over did it and have been staying off course ever since then. For the BBQ we had everything you could possibly think of and it was SO good. Then my birthday was August 24th so Nick and I went ate out, watched a movie, and even had some cheesecake brownies from Great American Cookie Factory.

Life all together has been crazy! I just need to get my mind set again and get back on track because I want this! I sometimes ask myself what is the point of even doing this?? Really?? Is it worth all of the frustration and aggravation? Some days I feel like it is worth it but then other days (like the days I’ve been having) I don’t.

With that said, it is time for me to spill the beans. Over the last 2 weeks with splurging and bingeing like crazy (and for no good reason I might add) I have managed to gain---are you ready for it??---I have managed to gain a whopping 15 pounds! Yeap! I’m almost crying as I type this because this puts me at 258 pounds which is 3 pounds more than I was when I started my blog!

When I got on the scale this morning I was like WHAT? But it’s my own fault, I know.. but I didn’t expect it to be that bad! I am so scared at ending back up at 290 or 300 and that’s exactly where I will be soon if I don’t get a handle on this soon.

I know that it isn’t anyone’s fault but my own and that’s all I can do is start again.

I don’t know what to do different. I start out good then 2 or 3 weeks later I’m right back where I started (or in the case even worse than when I started).

Maybe something different I could try is looking at it as a change in life and the way that I do things instead of a diet. Because I don’t know about you but when I diet I eat grilled chicken salad for lunch and carrots for snack. Maybe if I look at is as a new way of life it will work out better. Then I could eat whatever I want, just in smaller portions. I don’t know …but I’m open for suggestions and advise if anyone has any to offer.

I weighed in today just because I wanted to see what the scale had to say since it had been almost 3 weeks since I had checked in but I will keep my weigh in day on Sunday. As far as measurements go, I’m just going to wait until the 20th of this month to check in with that.

On a good note…I did go on a 2 mile walk with my sister today!

So the new plan is to lay off all the junk food and sweets and eat smaller portions! Going to start going for my afternoon workout at the gym and afternoon walks again. Oh-and to try to make time to blog a little each day.

Until next time…

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Made It to the Gym!!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that yesterday was another great day!

Colby had orientation at school at 5:30 so I didn’t cook supper due to lack of Nick and him had left over’s and I grilled me a chicken breast and threw it in a salad. It was pretty yummy!

After supper, I decided to head over to the gym to put the $40 a month that I pay to good use. I did the treadmill at 3.2 with intervals of 3.8 (I couldn’t go any higher than that-or I really would have made a fool out of myself). Then I decided to do the elliptical for a mile—that was a challenge! But I did it, somehow!

Today, I’m going to head over to the gym after work before picking up the boys from the sitter. I think that will be easier than getting home and then having to leave again. After we get home and I cook supper and clean up the house a little bit (my house is not dirty lol, I just am picky about the way I want it) the boys and I will go for a walk so Colby can get some exercise in.

I really worry about Colby becoming overweight just because it is something that I have always struggled with. He is not over weight yet but I’m scared that he may become. So I talked with him and every other day him and I (and Corbin in the stroller) will go for a walk just to get him out of the house and moving around.

On another note, Nick wants to have some friends over for a barbeque this weekend. Which sounds great because we haven’t done that in a while. I’m just really worried about me not splurging and going crazy. When we barbeque we do it big usually. I’m talking potato salad, baked beans, rice dressing, boudin, sausage, pork, Tasso, chicken, beef, and sautéed mushrooms, and even oysters wrapped in bacon!

So I need a plan! I’m going to have to put some boundaries up and not let myself go crazy! I don’t want to not have the barbeque because this is something I need to learn to deal with and have self control.

I’m just so scared of failing!

Until next time…

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back on Track

I usually don’t check in but once, sometimes twice a week but I just had to share with everyone how awesome yesterday was.

The boys and I went out at 5:30 to do our walk (I push Corbin in his stroller and Colby rides his bike) and I was really proud of myself because I did intervals of 5 minutes walking then 30 seconds jogging. I know it may not seem like much but for this girl—it was! The first couple of times I couldn’t even do it the whole 30 seconds! But I eventually got it. But being it was so hot we only did 1 mile instead of our usual 2 miles because I was worn out and sweating like a big pig!

Then by 7:15, supper was cooked, kitchen was clean, and everything seemed in order so I decided to go for another walk/jog except this time I did intervals of 3 minutes walking and 30 seconds jogging and did 2 miles! I was SO tired after that but I felt really good.

When I took off jogging the first time, I was really nervous! They had people sitting outside on their porches, driving by in their cars, and even some walking too. I was so embarrassed. I kept telling myself not to jog because I would just be embarrassing myself..but I over came it and did it anyway because I started thinking…none of these people know me so why care what they think about me..and then I went for it. I’m glad I did because I felt good afterwards!

The plan for today is to do the same thing except I may put my gym membership to use and do the intervals on the treadmill..We’ll see. If I don’t make it to the gym, the boys and I will do the same thing as yesterday. (Plus the thought of running on a treadmill scares me because I’m not all that good at just walking on it, I always feel like I’m going to fall and bust my butt.)

Until next time...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weight is Up (no big surprise)

It's hard to believe that my last blog was over a week ago! I skipped last week's weigh in because I really didn't want to see what the scale had to say..then pretty much all this week, I've been eating what ever. I'm not really sure why..but all my will power to do this just went out the window!

But last night after pouting about feeling SO fat and bloated and just so discouraged, I told myself that I need to do this! I felt SO good when I was sticking to it and I think that blogging was really helping me stay on track.

Last night when I was wallowing in my self pity and having myself a pity party about being SO fat, I told my husband that I wanted to start some diet pills but he talked me out of it. Being the great man that he is, he told me that I don't need pills, I can do it on my own. Which is exactly what I needed to hear! I was looking for an easy way out..and truth be told...I don't need an easy way out! I need to do this by myself (without the aide of pills or even surgery for that matter--because there has been plenty of times I've just wanted surgery).

Then how weird is this...Last night after our talk & I was going to bed, I turned on the TV (because I usually watch IV for a little while before falling asleep) and there was a show called "How I Lost 100 Pounds" playing on TLC. What an awesome show that is! I think that is exactly what I needed to see. That particular episode was about a lady that lost 105 pounds! She did it by walking/jogging then eventually running ...and watching what she eats. That was great motivation!

I'm not sure about jogging or running...but she did say that when she started off she would walk 5 min and jog 30 seconds then eventually worked her self up to jogging the whole time then running. So I may try that, but being the self conscious person that I am, I'm scared to do that because people would probably be starring at me!

I did weigh in this morning and no real big surprise..I gained 5 pounds! I'm back up to 248!

My goal for this week is to lose the 5 pounds that I gained and 2 extra for a total of 7 pounds, which is a little extreme but I'm going to work extra hard!

Until next time....

Saturday, July 31, 2010


A week has gone by already..and what a week it has been! Corbin, my 5 month old has been having diarrhea (so that’s no fun) so I’ve been having to run him to the Dr. But other than that it was a good week.

The boys and I went on a walk every afternoon this week. I wasn’t real sure how long it was so one day Colby and I got in the car and took the route that we walk to measure it. It’s 2 miles!

Now on to some confessions…I weighed in yesterday (even though I usually don’t weigh in until Sunday’s…I just wanted to see what the scale said and if all the walking I have been doing was working). But much to my surprise the darn scale said I had gained 3 pounds! 3 Pounds! What the heck. I was soooo upset I started crying and let it ruin my day! I don’t’ know what I’m doing wrong..I’m staying in my calorie range, I’m walking, I’m drinking A LOT of water, and I never cheat!

So since the scale wasn’t on my side I decided that I was going to have some fried shrimp for lunch and a chicken strip dinner from dairy queen for supper! I know, I know it’s self sabotage but I was so upset I couldn’t help it. I do soo much to lose this dang weight and it’s going to give me a result like that?? But I really do regret it today!

But I’m back on the wagon today and I’m going to do everything I can to lose those 3 pounds before my weight in tomorrow.

And I want to just give a little shout out to my Aunt Mo…Thanks sooo much for keeping the boys last night! You are the best!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another 2..gone!!

I apologize for not checking in as regularly as I was..Colby (my 9 year old) has being hogging the dang computer! So I have a week’s worth of checking up to do!

Well, today was weigh in day! I did ok..I lost 2 pounds. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself but I can’t help it. My goal this week was to lose 3 pounds, that’s not too much to ask for right?

But the up side is that I finally got Nick to measure me (because I was supposed to do it last week, just never got around to it). I lost a total of 10.5 inches!! That’s pretty exciting! I have gone down a pants size and I can fit into some 20’s but Lawd if I were to sit down in those things the button would probably fly off and blind a person. (lol) But it won’t be too long, hopefully within this next month!

Colby, the baby, and I went on a couple of walks last week. Colby on his bike and me pushing the baby in his stroller. I think we are going to try to do that at least every other day because it gives us both a little exercise.

So, I made Nick take a new picture of me. I’m going to try to do one once a month when I do my measurements.

It doesn’t look to me that much has changed. I mean, sure my clothes are getting a little baggy and my face is slimming down a bit but I still feel as though I look like I am still 9 months pregnant!

My self confidence has always been something that I lack…I just feel huge! But hopefully that too will improve on this journey that I am on. (I guess maybe I am too hard on myself).
Until Next Time..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Very First Award!!

This week as been awesome so far and today it got even better thanks to Maggie at for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award! Never in a million years did I think I would get any type of blogging award!!

So every award has rules and here they are :
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

So first things first..Thanks Maggie so much for the award! (And I just want to let you know real quick-Maggie-that I always try to leave you comments on your blog but they never go through so maybe you could email me your email address for us to keep in touch) :)

Now on to #2
Seven things about me ….(where do I start?)
1. I wasn’t always over weight. In high school I got down to 145 pounds! Then I met my high school sweet heart and the rest is history.
2. I really and truthfully do not enjoy cooking. I do it because I know we don’t need to eat fast food! But all in all, my husband and little boy eat anything I do cook, nasty or not!
3. I am married to the most awesome man! We started dating in 9th grade in high school.
4. If there was anything in this whole world that I could have it would be to have my daddy again, he passed away almost 6 years ago.
5. The best days of my lefe were the days my boys were born and my wedding day.
6. I eat a turkey sandwich with pickle and tomato every day for lunch. (Yea, every day…no lie!)
7. I am determined to do this and I really do think that blogging is helping me on my journey.

And last, but certainly not least here are 15 blogs that I keep up with pretty regularly…and i appoligize for not knowing how to list these without the http stuff because I'm still pretty new at this so if ya'll have a minute, someone can explain to me how to just put it in a regular list.

1. My Stupid Weight Loss Blog

So once again….thanks soo much Maggie. Never in a million years did I think i would get one, lol. It maybe my only one but that’s ok.

Until next time….

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bye Bye Pounds

I have a few minutes so I figured I’d check in..Corbin in asleep (for now). Quick story that I just have to share. Friday, on the way to the sitters, Colby (my 9 year old) asks me..”Mom, does Corbin have a sore on this back or butt?”, “No, Colb, Why?” “Then why does he always start crying when you or dad put him down?” Lol it was too cute.

So that explains a little why I don’t check in everyday and why some days are shorter than others because family comes first in my life and some days are a lot more hectic than others.

Well, the weekend is over and Monday is nearly here. We had a great weekend! We went to the movies Saturday to see Eclipse. It was great! And NOOO I didn’t have any pop corn, I actually brought a 100 calorie pack in my purse and that was my movie snack. I know you’re not supposed to bring anything food wise in with you, but I couldn’t help it. I’m trying to stay on track and I didn’t want to slip up! After the movies we headed to Izzo’s Illegal Burritos, it was our first time there and it was pretty good! I got a wheat burrito with chicken, mushrooms, lettuce, salsa, beans, and cheese. It was great! (And I have to mention that I said NO to a cheesecake brownie from Great American Cookie Factory!)

Today after church, Nick cooked lunch. We had some rabbit, it was great! It’s not something that we eat too often but I love the way Nick cooks it when we do. After lunch I cut the grass—all by myself again..and no complaining this time, it’s not that bad. Guess I’m getting used to it.

Today was weight in day! Down 4 pounds! WoooHooo!! Barely made my 10 pound goal for the month but I did! I feel great and even though the weight is coming off slow, I think I am losing inches because my clothes are starting to get a little baggy. Hopefully later or maybe even tomorrow, Nick will have time to measure me.

My calories have been right on cue or below, as usual. And I’m proud to announce that I have not cheated one time this whole week!!

My goal for this week coming up is to lose 3 pounds!

Now to think of what I am going to reward myself with for losing 10 pounds…something non-food…sunglasses, pedicure-I’ll think about it!

Until next time….

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today Was A Great Day

I feel great for some reason even though I have not been exercising as I should but I have been watching what I eat and my calories!

Nick and I are getting ready to make reservations for a cruise next year. I can’t wait! It’s for our 5 year anniversary. I’m so excited you would think we were going next month, lol. But that is part of my motivation…. lose weight for this cruise. I know I may sound like a stupid reason, but it is one of many. Last time we went on a cruise (which was when we got married in 2006)…. I felt like the odd girl. There are so many things that I would have liked to have done that I couldn’t or didn’t. For example….because a lot of the excursions have a weight limit I didn’t do them, I would have liked to go swimming but was not about to get in my swim suit in front of all those people, and dancing. I would have loved to go dancing at the club with my husband but I feel too huge!

Here is a pic from our wedding almost 4 years ago. I'm only 9 pounds away from weighing what I did then! When I get there I'm not going to stop though, I'm goning to keep it going :)

I’m going to have to cut it short today because the baby is waking up from his nap.

But real quick first, my calorie count for yesterday was 1,351.

My calorie count for today is 1,271!

I am putting my mind to this! I can do it!

Oh, and the water challenge is going great! I’ve been drinking 64oz a day!! Wooohoo!!

Until tomorrow….

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not such a good Monday...

My first day of the week did not go so well. Corbin woke up with me this morning so I wasn’t able to exercise. (Partly my fault I guess because he sleeps with us so as soon as I start moving around in the morning he thinks that he has to too, but it’s like I tell Nick-He isn’t spoiled, He is just loved, lol).

I did drink my 64 oz’s of water for the challenge that I am participating in. But the worst thing about today was I skipped lunch and supper to eat some cracklins. For those who don’t know that that is, here is a picture.

Brief description: Cracklins are made from pork skin that consists of skin, fat, and meat. The pork skin is cut up into cube sized peices then dropped into hot hog lard (grease). Then cooked for about an hour. It is then cooled to room temperature and placed into a cooler. Once it is needed to sell, it is taken out of the cooler and placed back into the hog lard until ready to sell.

So basically I ate pork skin and pork fat fried in pig fat! Way to go Sharlie you are such a pro at this while diet thing!! Seriously? What the heck was I thinking? And now I feel like crap!

It’s really hard for me to get on here and admit all my screw ups for the day..I really don’t want to eat and live like this anymore but yet I keep letting myself fall.

I’m not even going to attempt to try and figure out my calorie count for today. Let’s just say it’s A LOT!

Tomorrow is a new day and I will make every effort to get up in the morning and exercise, eat right (no cracklins, that’s for sure), and drink my water.

Until tomorrow….

Sunday, July 11, 2010

To lose or not to lose??

Today was weigh in day. Not a real big surprise…. but I didn’t lose a thing. But the up side I guess is that I didn’t gain either.

It’s just so much harder than I thought. I’ve tried dieting a million times before and have always failed (obviously) but for some reason I thought this time it would be sooo much easier. I had this idea in my head that I’m going to start a blog and it is going to work miracles for me, help me stay on track and lose this weight. And needless to say it ain’t happening!

I really want to just throw in the towel and give up!

But I know I can’t. I need this weight loss so badly and I want it so badly. I want to be able to run around with my kids and not be out of breath. I want to be able to take a flight of stairs at a doctor’s office and be able to talk to receptionist when I’m signing Corbin in (which happened this week-decided to take stairs instead of elevator, and I could barely talk when they asked me something-sad but true). I want to know what it feels like to shop in a normal store-No Avenue or Layne Bryant!
I’ve just got to get my head straight and quit doing everything half way. I’m going to try my better yet-I’m going to set my weekly goals for this week and stick to them.

Walk Away the Pounds-2 miles everyday
Biggest Loser Work Out Video everyday
Gym to do weights, every other day
Drink 64oz of water every day

For those interested I signed up for Positive Effect Water Challenge with Kenz from All the Weight and Sean from The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser. The Challenge is to drink 64 oz of water a day for 3 weeks. Starting tomorrow, July 12 through Sunday, August 1st. Go and sign up if you are interested.

This week I’m going to get up in the morning and exercise. I tried this at the beginning but it didn’t work out so great because Corbin, my 5 month old, thought that he had to get up at the same time as me. But hopefully this time, he will stay asleep so I can exercise. Last week the couple of times that I did exercise, it worked out ok but I’m just going to try the mornings again and see how that goes.

My calorie count for yester day was 1,875 (due to I caved in and had a Blizzard from Dairy Queen-which is part of the reason for losing no weight this week).

My calorie count for today is 1,363. Thanks to my mom for cooking wheat noodles for me today for lunch.

Until tomorrow..

Friday, July 9, 2010

Man, How Time Flys

I have every intention of checking in and blogging daily but life happens and before I know it time has follown by. Just this week at alone as flown by because we had Monday off. I wonder if my boss would consider giving us off every Monday. How nice that would be!

Yesterday after work I decided I would cut the grass. Usually I start cutting the grass in the back yard (because it has a lot of trees and is very shaded) and by the time I get to the front Nick takes over for me. So I got home and got started cutting the grass….and cut the grass…and cut the grass…and my knight in shining armor never showed up.

Pic of my "knight in shining armor" I took one day while he was playing with Colby. lol

I ended cutting the entire front also, which liked to have killed me. I’m not sure if pigs sweat but if they do I sure was sweating like one! When I was done and went in the house for the sitter to leave Colby decides to let me know that his dad called and is going to have to work late. O Really? But it got done.. but I’m not doing it again on a week that he is on call, that’s for dang sure!

After I cut the grass I was so hot I just wanted some ice cream. So I packed up the boys and we were going to Dairy Queen. Then Nick showed up and talked me out of going…thank God because I would have just regretted it!

I can’t explain it, I just have these impulses to eat sometimes! Even though I know I shouldn’t I still want to. If it wouldn’t have been for Nick asking me if I was sure about getting a blizzard from Dairy Queen, I would have went got it!

My calorie count for yesterday was 1,565 and I’m sure I burned some calories, just not sure exactly how many..but I had to have with all the sweating I was doing.

Today for lunch I was suppose to have a dinner date with my wonderful husband but around noon he calls and says he has to go on a road call. No problem I said, I’ll wait to eat until you get back to town. Well, 1 rolls around, 2 rolls around, 3 rolls around, then at 3:30 he calls and says he is back in town if I would still want to go eat. Well heck yea, I didn’t eat lunch! But we decided just to wait for supper and I had a sugar free pudding.

So Nick and I had a dinner date for supper instead of lunch. My little sister, who is 21 years old-but is still my little sister-lol, watched the boys for us to have some time to ourselves. We decided to go to a local Chinese restaurant. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what I was going to eat. I remember on one of the biggest loser episodes Bob saying to stay away from the noodles, rice, and the fried stuff that they mix with the sauces (the best). So I decided to have broccoli beef. It was good. Not as good as my usual general chicken but I can learn to like it.

My calorie count for today is 1,476. (And I skipped lunch-which I know I should not do but that’s Nick’s fault, lol).

Untill tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Setting Some Goals

I just have a few minutes so this post will be quick post. Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday. You know what the best thing about Wednesday is? It’s closer to Friday than Monday was, lol.

Does anyone ever get obsessed with the scale? I’m totally obsessed with the scale this week for some reason. I’ve been getting on every morning just to see how I’m doing. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it for some reason. I think it is because of my 1 pound weight loss last week. I was so dang disappointed with that one pound! But I do think I am losing inches because some of my clothes aren’t so tight on me. We shall see on the 21st of this month when I measure again.

I’ve decided to set a couple of short term goals for myself that way, hopefully, I don’t get so discouraged when I think about the 80 pounds that I need to lose.

  • I’m going to eat no more than 1,800 calories a day (which I’m doing already)
  • Exercise at least 5 days a week (struggling with that right now)
  • Lose 10 pounds a month (that’s not too high of a goal is it?)

I may add some goals as time goes on…who knows?

And for every 10 pounds I lose I’ll reward myself with some type of non food clothes or a pedicure.

My calorie count for today is 1,645. Not so bad, below my 1,800 goal to not go over so guess I can’t complain too much. I did not make it to the gym today or do my work out video but will do it tomorrow!

Until tomorrow…

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back on Track (or so I thought)

What a day it has been! Work was totally crazy today! But the plus side: IT’S TUESDAY!! That means only 3 more days of the work week.

I did manage to go the gym this afternoon and do weights. Then once I got home and had supper cooked Nick watched Corbin again for me so I could do my work out video.. Walk Away the Pounds. I am going to try my best to keep the workouts going and hopefully the pounds will start shedding off!

I slipped up a little today though. When I was cleaning up the kitchen, I was nibbling on the left over’s! What am I thinking?? I watch what I eat all day and work out then I go and do that! What the heck? I just need to really work on my self control! I know better, I really do and I regret it now!

Tomorrow is a new day and I will try even harder not to make the same mistakes that I made today.

My calorie count for today is 1,421 and I burned about 200 calories.

Until tomorrow…..

Monday, July 5, 2010


I’m really disappointed in myself! Weigh in day was yesterday and I was not impressed at all. I lost one pound. I mean seriously? I know I had a cheat day but other than that I did really well!

I was so upset; I let it ruin my whole day yesterday. I ate a toaster sandwich from Sonic for breakfast. (I figured it couldn’t hurt anything.) Then for lunch we had BBQ at Nick’s grandparents (and I had a couple of brownies). But..I did skip supper if that counts for anything. I know that I really shouldn’t binge eat but I couldn’t help it! I was so upset! One pound, are you kidding me?

On the up side I did get a couple of complements that I looked like I was losing weight, so that was nice. I didn’t know that you could tell at just 6 pounds but I’ll take it! (Usually Nick will tell me how good I look and how I look like I’m losing the weight, but I think he just does it to make me feel good.)

Today I got back on the wagon. I was off of work so the boys and I went to Wal-Mart to grocery shop, came home to unpack the groceries, & took a nap with Corbin. Nick cooked supper for me (that’s always nice) and he even helped clean the kitchen. Then after the kitchen was clean Nick took Corbin for awhile so I could exercise. I did a 2 mile walk with Walk Away the Pounds then I did my 30 Day Jump Start Biggest Loser Workout. That kindda kicked my butt. But my butt needs it!

I’m going to try my hardest to keep exercising in the afternoon because when I say I’m going to do it in the morning, it doesn’t happen because I like my sleep too much. So hopefully with the help of my wonderful husband, I’ll get on a schedule of working out.

Calorie count for yesterday was 1,942! Over, I know! But I promise…I will try my hardest to not let it happen again!

Calorie count for today is 1,293 and I burned about 200 calories!

Until tomorrow…

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Really Struggling

Today was another struggle, but what’s new? I think that almost every day is somewhat of a struggle; just some days are harder than others.

I cooked lunch and we had the left over’s for supper. After supper I had to bring Colby to his grand paw’s to pick up his swim suit so I decided that we would go to sonic. I sat there for 10 minutes arguing with myself. I wanted a hot fudge sundae so bad! I kept going back and forth..yea I can get it just this one I shouldn’t get it because I’ve already had a bad day this week and tomorrow is weigh in day. Then I hear Colby in the back seat, “Mom did you press the button yet?” “No Colby I didn’t.” and I continue arguing with myself.

Finally I decided NO I can NOT have a hot fudge sundae. I want this weight loss too bad and have been trying too hard to just eat some ice cream. I decided to get a medium diet cherry coke instead. Pretty wise choice, I think. When we got home I looked up the calories on web site that I use to keep track of my calories and my diet coke was 48 calories where if I would have gotten the hot fudge sundae it would have been 520 calories! Who would have thought that a little thing of ice cream could have sooo many calories? I think I made a pretty good decision!

Tomorrow I’m sure will be another struggle because it is the 4th of July and we are going to Nick’s grandparents to spend time with that side of the family, swim, and eat some good food, I’m sure. But I will try my best to make wise choices just as I did today.

Tomorrow is also weigh in day. I can’t wait to see what the scale says!

Until tomorrow…

I can do this!

I’m sorry to say but it is becoming somewhat of a habit of going to bed when Corbin does. I’m so tired from waking up with him the night before, working all day, then coming home and doing my “mommy and wifely” duties that when goes to sleep, I’m right there with him. I started writing this blog last night but when Corbin got fussy I went to lay down with him to put him to sleep and that was it. I was out too! I will try, however to try to check in at least every other day.

I did pretty good Thursday! My calorie count was 1,062.

Friday also was a good day. My calorie count was 1,576. Nick and I went to a local Mexican restaurant. I wasn’t really sure what to eat calorie wise so I got fajitas. I figured that that was the best thing I could order.

Tomorrow is weight in day! I think I did pretty good this week except my one slip up of eating fried shrimp and boudin. I hope the scale is on my side!

Do you ever feel a like you look pretty and then when you see a picture of yourself, you’re like wth? About a month ago I served in a wedding. I felt good, I felt pretty. Everyone kept telling me how nice I looked and my poor husband tells me how beautiful I was so I felt pretty and confident that day. That is until I saw the pictures last weekend! I looked like a big pink cow! Seeing those pictures motivated even more to keep pushing through this! I want to look the way I feel!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have my days where I feel like I’m the size of a house and nothing fits right or looks right on me. My point is….I want to be able to feel pretty and KNOW that I look pretty!

I want this weight loss soooo bad that I cannot even explain! I’m so tired of being the odd fat girl!

It’s going to happen because I’m working HARD on making it happen! I’m keeping my eye on that prize of mine!

Until tonight (hopefully)….

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Where do I start? I didn’t check in yesterday because it has been so crazy and I feel so tired. Corbin has been waking up once sometimes twice a night! It feels like by the time we get to bed the second time, it’s time to wake up again!

Needless to say, I have NOT been exercising. I have the DW’s (don’t wants) bad! But I am staying on track with my calories. Hopefully if I can keep doing well with watching what I eat and counting my calories the pounds will keep coming off.

My calorie count for today is 1,425.

My calorie count for yesterday was 1,012. Not bad considering how I splurged the day before!

Everyone at work today had Chinese food. It sure smelled good! But I stuck to it and ate my sandwich and baked chips!

After all, this is a life style change that I have to make. Not just a quick fix. I have to learn to deal with temptations. Something I’ve come to realize is that if I want to eat something that isn’t too healthy (like fried shrimp and boudin), it’s ok to have a little, just so that I satisfy my craving but I don’t need to overdo it like I did the other night!

Until tomorrow…

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day Late

Just a quick post because I wasn’t able to check in last night. Yesterday was a pretty good day except that I struggled all day yesterday with wanting some fried shrimp and boudin. So last night at 6:30, I finally gave in (because after all I have been doing so good, right).

I ate my fried shrimp and boudin and afterwards I felt horrible. I did all this work to lose 5 pounds and then I go and splurge. What the heck? I cannot do that anymore!!

My calorie count for yesterday was 1,737! Not too bad considering all the extra stuff I ate but I have to remember to keep my eye on the prize! I can do this!

Until tonight…

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On My Way

I had a very nice and relaxing Sunday. (Besides the fact that Corbin woke up at 5 again this morning.) We went to church then to moms for Sunday lunch. Then back home to watch movies and cook supper. My supper wasn’t as good as my husband’s would have been but he had to work so I did the best I could. He makes these ribs that are so scrumptious! Mine today, they were ok.

Just want to say real quick how blessed I am to have such a great husband that provides for our family. He is a very hard working man and seems like he is always working. I love him more that anyone could ever imagine!

Now to get back to the point….My calorie count for today is 1,450. Getting closer to the 1,800 that I need to be at.

I bought a biggest lose video this weekend that I am going to start tomorrow. My challenge for this week is to get my workouts in! I’m going to wake up early and do my walk and biggest loser video and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday go the gym for 30 minutes to do some weights.

Oh and I almost forgot….today is my weigh-in day. I lost 5 pounds!!

For the first time in a long time I believe in myself ...that I can do this.

Until tomorrow….

Saturday, June 26, 2010


What a Saturday it has been. Corbin woke up for a bottle at 5 this morning (which is not at all like him) and again at 7. (So much for sleeping in a little today.) It wouldn’t have been so bad if we wouldn’t have gotten up at 5. My plan for today was to do absolutely nothing! But that quickly changed.

I cooked breakfast, which consisted of eggs, toast, and turkey bacon. It was all good except one thing..I had never cooked turkey bacon before so I didn’t know that you don’t cook it the same as regular bacon, so it was extra crispy, lol.

Then I decided to cook lunch. Baked a chicken and smothered down some green beans and onions. That too was pretty good except I almost burnt the green beans.

Well I was on a roll so why stop, right? So I cooked supper too. (Which is very much not like me, I usually only cook one meal, if that!) For supper we had pigs in a blanket with turkey franks with a side of cucumbers and tomatoes. It was pretty good. The turkey franks had a different but good taste.

Week one is almost over. I’ll be weighing in tomorrow. I’m happy to say I have had a very good week, food wise. I will do more exercising this up coming week, hopefully, because I should not be nearly as crazy of a week.

My calorie count for today is 1,256. I believe I need to work on getting closer to my 1,800 but I’m just not that hungry. I didn’t exercise today, but I did cut the grass so I did burn some calories but I’m just not sure how many.

Like I said, I’ll be weighing in tomorrow. I’m anxious to see what I have lost.

Until tomorrow…

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 5

As much as a surprise as it may be, I am exhausted again today. Corbin woke up at midnight last night for a bottle so I didn’t get much sleep (he usually sleeps all night). Then he had shots at 8:30 followed by an appointment with his cardiologist. Then once we were finished with all his appointments he went to the sitter and I went to work for the rest of the day.

After work I decided to conquer Wal-Mart. That is one crazy store. I am so very thankful for my 9 year old, Colby, because he likes to push the baby, so it makes it a little easier for me while shopping.

Even though no one is following my blog right now except my wonderful husband, I really do think it is helping me with my weight loss journey. It’s almost like I feel I have to answer to someone if I screw up so it is helping me stay on track.

With that said…my calorie count for today is 1,475 and I didn’t walk to day so I didn’t burn anything. Hopefully next week the whole work out thing will be better.
Until tomorrow…

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Surgery Day

I’m keeping it real simple today. I am so exhausted from waking up at 4 this morning to be at the hospital with Corbin. His surgery went well, he’s just fussy.

So my calorie count for today is 1,250 calories. I know it’s not nearly what I should have eaten, I should have eaten more to get closer to my 1800 calorie diet but my day was very crazy. I skipped breakfast (but did have a banana) and didn’t eat lunch until 12:30.

Woke up at 4 as I mentioned and Corbin couldn’t eat so he was fussy until they took him to surgery at 7. About an hour after surgery they let us bring him home and has soon as we walk in the door he vomits all over me! So then I had to go get Pedilite for him, and you would know it, I spilt some in my car! My day was just great! But at least my little man is getting some sleep now and I think I am going to go join him.

Until tomorrow…

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 3

I’m going to keep it short and to the point today because I am tired and have to get up at 4am to be at the hospital with Corbin for 5:30.

I couldn’t get up this morning for some reason to exercise. I was so tired, I just kept hitting snooze. Therefore I did not get my work out in but on the up side I did very well calorie wise and made a couple of good food decisions.

A sales rep brought lunch to the office today. It was some sort of shrimp pasta it looked really good and everyone kept telling me to have some but I didn’t. I ate my sandwich and carrots instead. I wanted to really bad but it’s just my 3rd day! I can’t be eating that kind of stuff! Then this afternoon my little sister calls to see if I would like a snow-cone. Man, that sure did sound good-I mean they have sugar free, right? But I didn’t get one. I am determined to stick with it!! I have to do this!

My calorie count for today is 1,740.
Until tomorrow..(Hopefully, have to see how the day goes)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2-A Struggle

I am feeling somewhat over whelmed right now. I had trouble going to sleep last night, I’m not real sure why because I was VERY tired. Before I knew it 4am was here. I must have hit snooze 4 times before finally getting up to exercise. And you would know it, Corbin (my 4 month old) wakes up. So before I could work out I fed and changed him then laid him in the bed so I could start my walking video.

He was just lying there and every once in awhile he would look up at me and smile-the expression on his face was like “What the heck are you doing, mom?” But at least I was able to get my walk in. As for the rest of the was busy at work and I left early to bring Corbin to an ENT appointment because he has been having trouble with his ears. He is going to be having a little procedure on Thursday for the doctor to place tubes in his little ears.

I have not made it to the gym at all this week. Truthfully, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it at all this week. Maybe next week. The way I figure is this-At least I am walking so not doing the weights this week won’t hurt.

I did pretty good today, calorie wise. I figure I ate about 1,363 calories and burned 120. It was really a struggle today though. After Corbin’s appointment, I really wanted to go get a chicken strip basket from Sonic but I didn’t, I pushed through. Hopefully I can keep it up!! And turn down all the temptations because in the end I know it is worth it. I just have to keep my eye on the prize.

The prize to me is being able to feel good about myself, feeling pretty, not always having to worry about “looking fat” or if everyone is staring at me because of my weight. I’m going to work hard and get my prize one of the days.

Untill tomorrow..

Monday, June 21, 2010

Long Day

Have you ever had a day that felt like it was lasting forever? That is exactly how today has been for me.
By the time I was finished blogging last night and straightening up the house a little, it was 11!! When I finally I made it to bed, I just kept thinking about what I should blog about today and all of the things that I wanted to do today. By the time I got to sleep it was at least midnight.

Some of the things I was thinking about were:
Exercise: I am going to wake up early every morning and exercise (hopefully before the baby gets up) or go after work in the afternoon?
Diet: How am I going to track my calories?

While lying there last night, I decided that I am going to wake up at 4 in the morning and exercise with Walk Away the Pounds, that way I have plenty of time to exercise and even do a little housework before the baby gets up. And 3 times a week I am going to go to the gym and do weights. As for the diet, I am going to use to aide me in keeping track of my calories and exercise.

So have you guessed why my day has been solong? Going to bed at 11 and waking up at 4 just is not going to cut it. I am so very tired. I got up at 4 and did a 2 mile walk with Walk Away the Pounds; did a load of clothes; cooked breakfast for myself and my husband; bathed; and had a little extra time to myself before the baby woke up. Needles to say I am going to bed before 11 tonight so I can get up in the morning and get my exercise on!

As far as my calorie counting, it went really well. I ate a total of 1,960 calories today. And I figure that I burned about 120 calories doing my Walk Away the Wiles Express. The one thing that I will work on is maybe giving up the white bread. Evangeline Maide bread is so good though. But I will, maybe next week-make the switch to wheat bread.

I'm calling it a night, it will be 4 am before I know it. Goodnight!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My First Step

So where do I start? I’m very new at this so please bare with me. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. Just to sort of have a place to jot down all my thoughts and feelings that I have about my struggle with my weight. I’m just so tired of the weight and it is definitely time to do something about it. I have been over weight nearly my entire life.

I live and grew up in Louisiana. So if you have ever visited or lived here you know that food is a way of life for us. Everything we do pretty much revolves around food. From BBQ’s, Crawfish boils, to a big fish fry there is always something going on with food involved.

There was a period in my life where I weighed 145 pounds. That was my freshman year in High School. Seems like forever ago. But then I met my High School Sweetheart (now husband) and then my weight began creeping up. I guess I began to feel comfortable so I didn't need to watch my weight so much. Then came a baby then marriage and family tragedy and the next thing I knew, I was a whopping 300 pounds!

I have been able to lose some of the weight but have been really struggling lately. That is my I decided to start my blog. Hopefully this will aide me in completing my weight loss journey.

So the plan is to eat 1800 to 2000 calories a day and drink at least 8 cups of water along with exercise.

I do have a gym membership which I pay 40 bucks a month for and have been a total of maybe 4 times so I will try my best to put that to use. But with a 4 month old, new job and household duties it is hard to find time to work out.

I am going to try my best to blog everyday at least a little but I can’t make any promises. Thanks for taking time to read my blog.

Until next time..