Sunday, March 25, 2012

Summer Challenge Week 1~Mini Goals

Tomorrow kicks off the Ready for Summer Challenge & I'm supper excited to begin, actually the past week has been awesome work out and eating wise, so this will totally help I think. After all..July and Panama City Beach will be here before I know it!

Here are my over all goals for the challenge:
Weight Loss Goal: lose15 pounds.
Non-Scale Victory Goal: lose 10 inches.
Exercise Goal: To get 50 workouts in on these 70 days.
Nutrition Goal:  1300 calories a day limit.

Here are my goals for week 1:
Weight Loss Goal: Lose 2 pounds
Non-scale Victory Goal:  Lose an inch
Exercise Goal: Complete week 1 of C25K
Nutritional Goal: Try something new

Friday was actually my first day for my C25K training and I lived to tell you all about it, lol! It had it's ups and downs..I fell like if I can get a grip on my breathing that I could do even better, but that's something that I will have to work on. But I'm excited to do it! I've always wanted to run..and what better time to learn than now? I do have my insecurities though~running outside, in my neighborhood, where there  people around every corner that know me live (you know where I am going here)... but surely they have better things to do than to watch a "big girl" wogging (walking/jogging) down the road, right??

~Thought for the day~


  1. Love the weekly goals. I'm also going to be doing the first week of C25K this week. I'm lucky, I live in the country and there is no one around for miles to see me wogging :)

  2. I love that you can really measure how you are doing with your goals. They are really countable.

  3. OMG, I have the same issues when trying to get my run on! I loved the winter cause not only was it cold so that I wouldn't dies from heat exhaustion but it was dark so no one would see me! LOL... Here we go though, nicer and brighter weather and shedding some insecurities along with the weight:-)

  4. Girl, don't even worry about people watching you. Once they see you getting healthier and healthier, they'll be looking at you because you're their new inspiration.

    Keep it up! And good luck with week 1!

  5. Love it!!! You make my heart sing!

  6. cant wait to see how your c25k goes!! i have always always always wanted to run toooo!

  7. Great goals. Good luck with the C25K. I did it a few years ago before I gained all my weight back. Great program. Wishing us all the best of luck with this challenge. Stop by my blog sometime. :)

  8. I'm doing the C25K as one of my goals as well! Run, Mommy, run!

  9. I really want to start C25K (again). I will probably have to wait til next week when we're on spring break to have the time though.
    Great goals!

  10. When I started the C25K I ran in the local cemetary. Many many circles!! I knew the headstones by heart til I was finished the first 4 weeks.
    For your breathing, concentrate on longer breathes rather than short puffy breathes. Bend you neck slightly downward, this helps open up your chest so you can breathe deeper. Have awonderful week!!

  11. Good luck! I'm going for a 2 pound loss this week too. We CAN do this. :)

  12. I completed the Couch25k program back in February. You can do this!! The breathing does get easier. :)


  13. I absolutely love the quote -- I've found that fear has definitely held me back from too many things!I haven't done C25K yet, but I will one day ... Good luck!

  14. I especially like the complete the week1 of C25K, that will be something great to follow week by week, and it will definitely show your progress!