Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How goes it??

I'd thought I'd just take a minute to see how everyone is doing on there first week of the challenge....and to actually share some new/updates with everyone..I as, you know, have been trying to do the C25K, and yesterday during my first jog, I started hurting something offal~but I was determined to not stop and go right back home so I walked the rest of the way instead of throwing in the towel all together and by the time I got back home I was hurting pretty bad. Then when I woke up this morning it was felling ok, so I decided to do the shred and I was able to do the ENTIRE thing but I'm paying for it now! What the heck! I've talked to my orthopedist and he is advising me to stay off my knee and no vigorous exercise for the next couple of days :(

Then to make matters worse, I've been having alot of discomfort to my lower abdomen area for the past couple of days so my doctor having me go do an ultra sound at the hospital tomorrow, he said he thinks it may be cysts on my ovaries :(

All of this news came to me within 3 hours of each exercise for a couple of days and I may have cysts. Really? Why does this have to happen right when I'm in such a good groove with my eating and exercise! Soooo what did I do? Instead of doing what I should have done~which would be calling on GOD and my friends at this time of need~I turned to food! Like I always have! (I thought I had worked through all of this, but guess I was wrong.) Now, grant it...I did track everything I ate (broccoli shrimp, egg roll, combination fried rice, and (yes there is even more) a crab cheese wanton) and I'm still within my ranges for the day, but I feel horrible! I ate way too much than what I've been eating at one time!
To make matters worse, my poor husband came and had lunch with me and he tried talking me out of eating everything that I was eating~but I was in that pity party mood for myself~and told him to just leave me alone.

Here I am..I have all this support...I'm doing good for 2 straight weeks...and I'm going to let my emotions get the best of me!

The quote "Weakness is not defeat" (from MTC) keeps running through my head but at the moment I feel like a total failure.

Here are my new goals for week 1 since I am out of commission for a couple of days & C25K isn't going to happen:
Weight Loss Goal: Lose 2 pounds
Non-scale Victory Goal:  Lose an inch
*Exercise Goal: 50 sit ups a day
Nutritional Goal: Try something new

~Thought for the day~
We are different people than we
were at this time last year


  1. Oh that stinks. It will get better, and we all have our pitty party days, but keep you chin up because everything will work itself out!!

  2. I hope you get better soon. Take care of that knee now and you'll be ready to hit the exercise hard again soon.

  3. Sorry to hear about your knee. I had to have an ultrasound a couple of months ago due to cysts, which I did have one, and have to go back next month to see if it went away. I've had one rupture before and I do not wish that on anybody. The important thing is to not feel guilty over what you ate. You stayed within your ranges and it's important to know that nothing is off limits. Once we set limits on ourselves is when we fail. This is just another challenge and soon enough you will be out there kicking C25K butt. Good luck this week and keep your chin up, you're doing great!