Monday, January 16, 2012

C2K5~Week 2

Last week I decided I was going to give the C25K a try..and I survived week 1! Do I love running? Well, lets just say it's growing on me...a little. I have to give it my all to get through my jogging intervals, but I'm doing it! Today I started week 2, which is brisk 5 minute walk, 90 seconds jogging, alternating with 2 minutes walking. This may not seem too hard for some but I have never ran or been a runner so it's a pretty big victory for me when I finish my workout.

Today was a much better than the past couple of days that I've been having. Thanks for those who showed support and encouragement. It means alot!

My totals for today:
  • Daily used: 35
  • Daily remaining: 0
  • Weekly remaining: 37
  • Activity earned: 11
  • Activity remaining: 50

**Activity points came from doing my C25K training, elliptical for 20 minutes, stair master for 10, and walking 1.6 miles this am**

~Thought for the day~

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  1. So proud of you! I posted a qoute this morning that was something like: first it seems impossible, then its difficult, and then it's done! Keep going and you'll be running a 5K before you know it!